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Working with Independent retailers in various forms since 1980. Anthony has developed a fascination and admiration for this sector, as well as a determination to help them and raise their profile. 

Anthony has also been MD of PS&A, and an MD at Synovate.


Anthony (MD)

Lee controls our production department, with an enthusiasm that is tempered by a calm and determined approach to safeguard the reputation of our brand.  Independent data is recognised as the most difficult to process, with its diversity and different formats from our various data sources.  Lee ensures that our output is homogeneous and unwavering despite the constantly growing number of shops and diverse data sources.

Lee (Data Manager)

The special analyses that John creates for the trade press have rightly developed a reputation for innovation and drawing dynamic conclusions from real data from our massive live read.  A background in insight, and a particular track-record in ice-creams and corresponding passion for all seasonal and weather affected products are a recurrent theme in his work.

John (Special Analysis)

Paul brings some interesting skills to the team, including geo-mapping techniques and specialised software skills that are critical in getting the most from our vast array of independent C-Stores around the UK.  Paul features on technical support, account management and data analysis, as well as bringing a creative aspect to the sales and marketing side of EDFM.

Paul (Account Manager)

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