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We are continuing to grow our read, and currently exceed 3000 shops!



It has been a busy April, with the EDFM team busy  organising tests with clients. If you would like to do a test in a few of our stores to analyse best practise vs worst practise shops or a new brand launch, please get in touch!



We are continuing to grow our read, and currently exceed 2800 shops!



Happy New Year everyone! The EDFM team wishes you a prosperous 2015.



John Eastwood's latest column in Retail Newsagent has revealed some interesting statistics about Christmas sales in independents, including the fact that battery sales increase by 300% during the Christmas week. Make sure you pick up the latest copy!



The electronic cigarette market continues to flourish in the independent convenience store sector with dozens of brands being sold across the EDFM universe. For more information on distribution and rate of sale figures, get in touch with us!



Follow our Twitter account to keep up to date with our activities, and recent news in the independent conveninence store sector! @IndiesData



We continue to regularly feature in Retail Newsagent. Have a look at some examples on our Press Articles page.



Our 'What to Stock' Spring/Summer 2014 edition has been released. 



The EDFM read of Indies and Symbol Indies now exceeds 2,500 shops! We are forecasted to have 2700 shops by the end of the year!



The EDFM read of Indies and Symbol Indies now comfortably exceeds 2,000 shops!  We are not even pausing for breath there, as we continue to grow by between 50 and 90 shops per month!...

Lots of change in our sector as Electronic Cigarettes get a dramatic rise in distribution.  Expect to see more as people make New-Year resolutions to give up smoking and move over to the electronic sector. See our latest article in RN Magazine or take a look on our Press Articles page.


Lots of new interest in the Toilet Duck since it was used by a Convenience Store in Poole to fend off a needle wielding attacker.  I assume it was a syringe needle that had been given foc to the attacker...Bleach would be just the timing then!  I wonder how far a jet you can get from a Toilet Duck..


The EDFM read is now getting a big monthly boost to the other symbols shops.

The EDFM read now exceeds 1,500 shops.

A new "What to Stock" release is being planned.

EDFM's testing facility is now in great demand, with lots of bookings over the next six months!


EDFM develop a new level of access to be able to quickly interrogate our massive bank of Transaction Log data.


An old friend with shed-loads of appropriate experience is joining EDFM. More news soon.


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